Fluent Conference Schedule

This week I’ll be speaking at the O’Reilly Fluent Conference. Come say hello, and be sure to catch my talk at 5:05pm Wednesday.

Book Signing

3:15pm Wednesday, 05/29/2013
Exhibit Hall

“Classical Inheritance is Obsolete: How to Think in Prototypal OO”

5:05pm Wednesday, 05/29/2013
Continental 5

If you’re interested in a deep dive about inheritance, and how to get the most out of it in JavaScript, this talk is for you. This isn’t just another talk about the prototype chain and how to fake class inheritance in JavaScript. Be prepared to fundamentally change the way you think about code reuse.

Office Hours

2:35pm Thursday, 05/30/2013
East Lounge (Table B)

Prototypal OO in Action

Learn first hand how easy it is to take advantage of the power of prototypes. Get hands-on experience using prototypal OO in a whole new way. Use prototypal factory composition patterns to create and explore a virtual game world.